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That Little Space: Tips on How to Design the Perfect Bathroom

For a lot of people, a bathroom is not just a household area where they can bathe. It is an extension of the bedroom; and so, its design is seriously thought of. How about you? Do you give the same importance to your bathroom? If so, then you landed on the right page. Here, you can find some ideal tips on bathroom design. How do you decorate and organize that little area in your home?

1. Prioritize functionality.

The bathroom is where you spend time preparing for the day ahead; it is where you can find relaxation after a stressful day too. For this, you should make sure to choose a design that will enable your personal space to fully serve its purpose.

2. Maximize the space.

Do this by observing proper positioning of your tub, shower, and other things that are frequently used. Think about your floor plan carefully, and make sure that the mostly used items can be easily reached. It is important to have enough space for you daily must-haves, too. You may want to use storage in wheels for those items.

3. Be particular with the flooring.

You wouldn’t want a shiny floor for your bathroom, for it invites accidents. Choose materials that are slip-resistant.

4. Be particular with the lighting.

The last thing you would want to happen is to have a bad lighting in your bathroom. You’re supposed to do all personal stuff there, so you certainly don’t want to have headaches or other inconvenient feelings that may be caused by poor lighting.

5. Be careful in choosing colors.

Choose a simple motif. While the bathroom may be an extension of your room and a reflection of your personality, it will look better with simple and straightforward colors.

6. Don’t forget the aesthetics.

Care to put some touches of gold in the mirror? Putting extra drama on the fixtures can add real beauty to your bathroom.

7. Coordinate your accessories.

Using matching containers for your accessories makes the bathroom look more organized. Doing so enhances its pattern and style, too.

8. Pay attention to ordinary items.

You may want to buy those cute laundry hampers that you saw in the department store. Why not? It would definitely add up to the beauty of your bathroom.

9. Bring a soft touch to your bathroom.

The harshness of most bathroom materials is a given. Add softness to the overall look of your personal space by using softer goods; from window treatments to shower curtains.

10. Put some natural elements.

Indoor plants can add softness and freshness to any room. You may want to place a bamboo plant to soften the edges of your tiles.

Are you ready to make plans for your little personal space? Indeed, bathroom design is something that you should not take for granted. There are numerous things that you should consider; from the floor plan to every item in it. And hey, you should be mindful of every detail. Failing to make the right decisions can cause various mishaps and unfavorable happenings; hence you should think carefully before naming your design choices.