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Gutter Problems Means Water Damage to Your Home

Gutters are sometimes misunderstood. They’re even a bit neglected. Not on purpose, but most homeowners just don’t know the power a gutter can have over your home’s overall zeal and condition. Did you know that a clogged gutter can lead to mold problems, water damage, and foundation issues?

Seasonal maintenance is just one of the routes to keep your gutters in prime working order. Why is maintenance necessary? Find out all that could go wrong when your gutters get clogged.

How a Gutter Works

At its best, a gutter will dissuade water from your home’s foundation, which will prevent a whole lot of problems that we’ll soon discuss. The gutter will also collect any unwanted debris from building up on your yard. However, if your gutter becomes overworked and clogged, your home will no longer have such luxuries. In fact your home could suffer from some serious residual effects.

If you know you haven’t been cleaning your gutters, then odds are they’re clogged, damaged, or nonexistent! Above all, every home should have a gutter system. So, first things first, does your home have one? If you have a gutter system then it must be properly managed or it could actually cause a lot of harm.

Water Damage – Overflow

If the clogs aren’t cleared away then the items that are stuck in the gutter will prevent water from being directed to the downspout, and away from the house. If the water can’t travel through the gutter and to the downspout then it’s forced to travel down the side of your house.

You can expect several residual effects: mold, peeling, and foundation cracks.


Mold can cause a lot of problems including heightened allergy symptoms. Mold loves moisture, organic material, and warmth. Once the water makes its way down the side of your home it begins to form and eat away at the organic siding and wood. The wood also can begin to rot because of the clogged gutter.

Rotting Wood

Wood fascia begins to rot because when gutters are unable to properly direct rain water, the water will buildup and begin to destroy the wood. Can you imagine having to replace all of this wood? It’s extraordinarily costly.

Other Problems

A clogged gutter system also leads to:

Cracks in the foundation– The water begins to collect around the foundation and the materials begin to deteriorate.

Leaks in the roof– Especially during the winter, snow and water sits for long periods of time, thus creating an abundance of weight that causes leaks.

Slippery walking areas– The water should be directed far from your home, but sometimes it doesn’t go far enough and will actually freeze over during the winter.