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Making Your Own Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds made to match your taste

Making your own Roman blinds can perfect your skills, evoke your imagination and add a personal touch to your home. Though simply purchasing an already made blind and just attaching it may seem as a much easier way to cover up your window, it can never bring the excitement that making something all by yourself brings. Plus, engaging that crafty hands of yours might be a money saver, since buying the material needed to make your own Roman blinds and the time spent will be ultimately more cost-effective. All there is left to do is give you a few pointers, so grab that fabric, scissors, a glue gun and get to work!

Roman blinds in the making…

Namely, not everyone is as skilled in sewing and cutting, but still have enough energy and enthusiasm to do something innovative and original. Well, for all those of you that placed yourselves in such category, do not worry, since there are still some ways to make your own Roman blinds in a more simple and not as demanding way. It will be less time consuming but as much fun.

The first thing you will have to do is get some things you need. For making a fabric Roman blind you will need to purchase a simple, woven Roman blind. You could do the measurements first and get the one that already fits or just cut it to match the size of your window later, making sure that it is not to small. Since this will work as the “face” for your Roman blind, try finding some neutral, light color like beige, sand or cream. Another thing you’ll need is a piece of fabric, preferably made out of some quality material (like cotton for example) that will prolong the life of your blind and make it look better. When purchasing the material, take into account a few things like the materials level of opacity, since if you are planning on hanging the blinds in your bedroom or bathroom you are better off with some less transparent materials, while for your kitchen you can go for more sheer options. Another thing is the material decoration. You could get a single-colored fabric if you want a more simple and plain look or some multi-colored or patterned fabric for a more cheerful one. Finally, the fabric needs to be by one inch wider on all sides that the woven blind you have previously purchased. Simply lay the fabric onto the shade and cut to right size.

Tip: Always iron the fabric flat before commencing the making process, in order of avoiding wrinkles!

Place the fabric on the floor, face down and place the woven blind on top. Make sure you place it in the center of the fabric, with a one inch allowance on every side. Use the extra material to wrap it around the blind and firm the wrapped edges to the blind using a glue gun or, if your skills allow you to, a sewing kit. Now that the blind is securely tightened to the fabric, turn it around and fold the blind, making even pleats (wider or more narrow, it is up to you). To make sure that the pleats will remain in place and properly unfold when lowered, use an iron to press their edges.

If you want to spice it up a little, add some decorative pieces on top of the blind, applying the same wrapping process. Now you have your own custom made Roman blinds that you can proudly flaunt with! Of course, if it seems too much work or you simply do not have enough time, choose any of the already made Roman blinds and with only a few clicks, enjoy brand new window view.