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All you need to learn about printed custom logo mats

Your doormat can be used as a promotional or publicity medium by adding custom logo mats. A logo mat is an investment that will make any business look great. Businesses benefit from a logo mat:

  • People may be surprised to learn about your life.
  • To increase brand recall, give publicity for free to logos, brand names and company names.
  • Information about products for customers

Printed logo mats make a great way to promote your brand. There are many options for printed logo mats. The type of printed logo mat you choose will depend on several factors including cost, design, and use.

Stencil Print Custom Logo Mats


Custom logo rug are used primarily for stencil printing. We will use your design to create a stencil using a specialized tool. This stencil is then placed onto the coco mat. Finally, a special spray dye is applied. Custom Logo Mats are customizable with your logo.

The Advantages

  • The specially formulated spray color dye penetrates into the mat between fibers, and provides a more lasting color.
  • Mats can be economical and are available in a quick turnaround of just 3-5 business days

Custom Printed Personalized Logo Mats

Digi Print Logo Mats

Digitally printed mats for logos and images display your logo in clear, sharp and vivid detail. These mats allow you to print your logo or image directly onto the mat using a chromo jet electronic printer. Permanently dyed colors are applied to the nylon carpet. This kind of mat allows you to easily reproduce fine details and shading, and even print 3-dimensional images.

Digitally Print HD Custom Logo Mats


Clean Step Logo Scraper Mat

Digitally printed HD-logo mats are the ideal solution if your design calls for high-quality images printed directly on the doormat. The mat was printed using a four-color, high definition digital printer. These mats contain refined nylon fibers. The mats have a more uniform surface which gives them a sharper look. Digital Print HD has the ability to match colors with ease.

The Advantages

  • You will receive a mat with your logo that is high-quality for photography.
  • This option is great if you have multiple colors in your design. The digital printing HD can print up to 28 colors. It also has 10 time’s higher resolution and Pantone matching. This gives you unlimited color options.
  • This mat is made with refined nylon fibers, which allow for crisp and clear printing of details images. The nylon fibers make for a long-lasting wiping action.
  • You can make fine lines, shading, or fading on this mat.
  • This process is cost-effective for bulk orders. If you’re ordering multiple pieces, it is necessary to set the printing machine up only once.
  • The mat easily matches colors and prints thanks to its few design limitations.


  • If you’re only looking for a one-time printing, these mats might not be the most cost-effective choice.
  • The mat’s materials are not UV stabilized so the colors can fade under direct sunlight.
  • This option can only be used indoors.