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Solar Home Energy – Advantage of the Sun’s Power to Create Home-Made Energy

How can it be possible to take advantage of the sun’s power in order to provide solar energy for your home? Let me tell you how.

For most people these will be fairly straightforward to achieve. In order to heat water to a temperature higher than needed coiling up a dark coloured hosepipe and leaving it out in the sun is basically all that it takes. Other ideas include lining a box with aluminium foil to make a slow grill for a barbecue. Other slightly more complex projects include using thermal panels made from a black painted radiator set in a box facing the sun at an angle of 30 degrees. Establish a water supply which provides just a slow trickle of water and attach this to some copper pipes. Invest in a small pump in order to send the water, heated by the sun to an insulated water tank for use as required. When it’s hot this water can supply showers, kitchens and other hot water needs on an almost continuing basis.


For those interested in designing their own project, an even more effective type of solar energy for your home can be created using a large flat plate connected to a heat conductor for extra efficiency at catching the sun’s energy.Although considerably more expensive than other types of devices, it offers increased performance for storage and release of the sun’s energy.

When creating your home-made energy devices, durability must be considered in order for cost effectiveness. Use of photovoltaic cells to produce electric power is a rapidly increasing way to make use of renewable energy as it has been proven to have one of the cleanest and most environmentally friendly impacts.

After research on the internet, or advice via a local solar energy provider, some technical knowledge will have been gained which will assist with the installation of an effective but simple system to provide the household with the amount of energy it needs throughout the year.

Will My House Look Like The Eden Project?

A great advantage is that in order to install solar power, the kinds of devices available hardly any change to the look or structure of your property, if any at all, is necessary.

When deliberating the installation site, the roof is an obvious one due to it’s unobstructed access to the sun. Strengthening will not be needed. The main stipulation is that it is shade free and away from overhanging branches. For some people the pride in having solar panels means that they have incorporated them into a garden design to be a focal point and to represent their promotion for greener living.

Price Save

Over the last ten years home-made solar energy systems have evolved to an all time high, effective, stylish and no longer an expense affordable only for those who have a disposable income. They are now deemed efficient, convenient and environmentally friendly ways to save on domestic utility bills. Various grants are available for help in installation costs, see for advice and other money saving ideas.


Notorious in the past for being unreliable due to needing strong sunlight, (an important factor for those in the UK), now even in the chill of a winter’s day,home-made energy is available all year round. Due to increases in demand and competition, and offers of renewable energy grants, costs have reduced by at least 50% making solar energy in your home an option for everyone.

Final Thought

If we think about it, solar energy has been used for thousands of years in everyday life, long before the discovery of fossil fuels. Drying meat and grains and heating water, using the sun’s energy, was all part of normal living. Nowadays with the advances and developments in the storage of heat we have no excuse to shy away from installing and using of other forms of renewable energy.