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5 Ways to Ensure Your Home Furnace Is Safe to Run

The season to start up your home furnace is here. However, before you grab your quilt and a cup of hot chocolate, be sure you have done your due diligence and that you’ve prepared your furnace for the month. Because furnaces are not used in summers, they are in need of some maintenance and upkeep before you can begin using them again after such a lengthy hiatus. Maintaining them will help them stay in great condition, and most importantly, keep them from burning up into flames.

Whether yours is a central gravity model, floor model, central forced air model, or wall model, here are 5 ways you can ensure your home furnace is safe to run.

Vacuum Cleaning

Dirt and dust can cause your furnace to become hazardous. This daily build up of dust can be prevented by regular vacuum cleaning both internally and on the outside of the furnace once a month. If you do not do this, the accumulating dust may as well become a fire hazard. Take a look at your maintenance roster from the company you bought your furnace from for additional help. If you have a wall furnace, make sure the inside compartments are clean. An indicator of a clean gas furnace is a bright blue burning flame; any other color would imply otherwise.

Air Supply

In order for your furnace to work properly, it requires fresh air. In the event your furnace is not receiving enough air, it may begin to utilize the oxygen inside your house! The one that you need. A house that has low oxygen levels is not safe to live in. Also, any blockage to your furnace’s supply of air may cause overheating of areas in the house in an uneven manner, causing your furnace to over-work itself, and spilling your wallet clean. Clear any obstructions and your furnace supplied with air of its own for an evenly heated house.

Filter Replacement

Broken or in-need-of-change filters can cause harmful breakdowns. An unkempt filter may also be the cause of subpar performance. Preventing this complication altogether, filter replacement is the only solution. Changing your filters every once or twice a month will keep this hazard away. Should you have pets in the house, or if your filter often billows up smoke, you are then in need of changing your filters more than the twice-a-month average.

Clear Out Flammable Items

Put away any flammable items that can catch fire from extraneous to minimal heat. Some people use their furnace room as a storage room or for laundry. If where you keep your furnace serves more than a single purpose, ensuring that this room is organized will help you along the way. Anything left close to your furnace could become a potential hazard. Do not hand your washed clothes from the furnace and keep any liquid detergents sealed shut in airtight covering. Ammonia may cause corrosion on the heat exchanging spot on your furnace and you don’t need that; keep anything gaseous away, too.

Around-the-Furnace Rules

Make sure that your children, if any, understand that furnaces are not to be meddled with or played around. Do a sweep every time before bed to ensure nothing flammable is in proximity and always leave a window open in your furnace room at all times. Enforce the strictest of furnace-safety rules to be safe.

Make use of our tips and more to ensure your home furnace is provided with everything it needs to run safely. You will be at ease knowing your house and family are safe with a well-functioning furnace. Enjoy the heat and the warmth this winter with a well-taken-care-of furnace.