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Five Huge Mistakes to Avoid: Reasons to Let Experts Handle Vinyl Floors Installation

Don’t you just hate walking on a rough floor with your bare feet? We always want our floor to be really clean, sturdy and just good enough to walk on. Imagine your floor with a grandiose design yet being able to maintain it at a cheap cost. Wouldn’t that be lovely? Cheap, clean and durable, it is what vinyl tiles are known for. If you are considering buying vinyl tiles or sheets for your floor, you should let the experts do the vinyl floors installation.

What are vinyl sheets or tiles? If you are considering vinyl for your flooring, you must already know its characteristics. But for those of you who don’t, here are some facts you should know about vinyl.

• Long lasting – It is highly resilient to abrasions due to its Polyvinyl Chloride component. It is rather thin yet a hard material that is resilient to an impact damage.

• Easy to Maintain – Cleaning it is as easy as sweep, mop and wipe.

• Wide Array of Designs – Because Vinyl is a translucent material, it comes in limitless designs, pattern and colours.

The only problem with Vinyl is that it is difficult to recycle. If installed incorrectly, a pretty permanent mark will be visible. Vinyl floors installation actually requires the skills of an expert. Even if you are tempted to cut on costs and just DIY installation of your vinyl sheets/ tiles, be happy to know that hiring an expert would be a much better choice. A high-quality vinyl sheet/tile can factually last up to 30 years. However, if installation is not done by experts, the errors below may occur.

1. Wrong Adhesive Used – Adhesives for different type of vinyl are not interchangeable. Experts would surely know which adhesive to use and how to use it for the vinyl material of your choice.

2. Incorrect Subfloor Preparation – Vinyl sheets require a flat smooth subfloor to prevent dents and tearing. Experts will be able to tell if your subfloor is good enough to cover with your vinyl.

3. Visible seam and Opening of Seams – If improperly installed, seams will be visible and worse scenario is that a loose seam will cause tripping and damage your floor even more.

4. Cracking – Experts will perform a thorough inspection if your floor is ready for installation. If inspection is not done by a keen eye, the sheet/ tile will crack because of irregularities like friction caused by doors, tables other home equipments.

5. Not Right Patching – There is a possibility that patterns will not fit well together. Furthermore, incorrect patching is unsightly.

The experts will be able to handle and avoid the unnecessary blunders. Also, they can provide tips and tricks to maintaining vinyl flooring. After installation plays an important part. It is critical to wait for five days for the adhesive to set-in before moving in heavy objects. This is to avoid compressions and marks.

Vinyl floors installation may sound easy to do but if you are not up to the expected mistakes, just call a team of experts and they’d be ready to help you. They will handle all the critical stuff for you.