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Nuances of Carpet Flooring a Homeowner Should Know

Carpets have served as an exquisite item for home decoration and flooring since ancient times. The Egyptian royal families and Persians were renowned for their carpets. In those days, these rugs were hand woven with meticulous attention given to the stitching and craft. The Industrial revolution that spearheaded infiltration of machinery in numerous aspects of life changed the way they are produced. Nowadays, these flooring materials are used both for adorning the floor and also as a cover for a base material worldwide.

Main Types of Carpets in Use

Carpets can be of numerous types and based on your usage needs and budget, you need to pick the most apt variant.

• Way back in the 1960s, shag carpets were in vogue. Even now, people with penchant for retro things install these carpets in their houses. These carpets are usually not big.

• Berber Carpet is made using both synthetic and natural fibers. It lasts for long time, especially wool based ones. It needs to be washed with care and soaking is not advisable.

• Saxony carpets are very soft in texture and they are used in several occasions. This is more of a residential variant with fibers cut to equal length. They come in straight and textured variants.

• In workplaces and in areas that witness lots of traffic, frieze variant is used. This type is known for high durability and resistance to marks and spills. It has curly and short fibers.

• The aristocracy and royal families are fond of velvet carpets. They exude a feeling of smoothness and are soft to touch. However, they are not as durable as other variants and get stained easily.

Benefits of Carpet Flooring

• The first obvious advantage of using carpet flooring is comfort. If your floor is made of stone or tiles, it can become uncomfortably cold in winter months. By covering the floor with rugs, you can get rid of the chilling sensation beneath the feet! Standing on such floors is easy on tired feet as well.

• Carpet flooring also adds to aesthetic appeal of your rooms. If you have worn out wooden or tile flooring but do not want an immediate overhaul, covering the shabbiness with rugs makes sense. Quality rugs will make the interior exude elegance and luxury.

• Carpets are available in a wide range of colors, designs and textures. Therefore, you can easily find a variant that gels nicely with your décor and interiors. From geometric designs to flowery motifs, you can find the apt carpet that blends in with your rooms.

• Having carpet flooring installed can be safer for you and others in family. Thick and soft rugs act as cushions in the event of an accidental fall. When you drop glass crockery on such floor accidentally, it is less likely to break.

Drawbacks of Carpet Flooring

• Compared to other flooring materials, carpets need high maintenance. They also require professional cleaning from time to time.

• These floors attract dust mites and allergens a lot. Hence, they are unsuitable for people with respiratory ailments.

• Light colored and delicate carpets attract stains like magnets. They can be difficult to maintain for families with naughty kids and pets.