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The Many Benefits Of Carpeting

Since it was first created and used on a wide scale, carpeting has been a very popular choice for homes and offices all over the world. This is due to the fact that carpet is one of the more practical flooring choices while being available in many fashionable varieties. This is why carpeting is the most popular flooring choice these days with over half of all new flooring installations making use of carpet. But the popularity of carpeting as the preferred flooring option isn’t a new thing, this is a trend that has been maintained for over a half a decade!

So, what is it about carpet that makes it so appealing? The answer is that there are numerous benefits provided by carpeting that other flooring types do not provide. If these benefits sound good to you and your home or office needs, then carpeting just may be the perfect choice for you.

Warm to the feet

Looking stylish and practical are always great selling points, but one of the primary reasons people choose carpet is because they want to walk around on a warm flooring. Stepping out of bed on a cold morning onto a tile floor is not a pleasant experience. If you want the warmest flooring, choose carpet.

Added insulation for your home

When you install carpeting you will also be installing the carpet padding. Together the carpet and padding will give your home a greater degree of insulation that can help save you money on your heating and cooling bills. Some carpets provide better insulation than others so be sure to get a carpet with a higher density if this is an important factor for your needs.

Improved safety

Tile and wood are much more prone to become slick than carpet. Plus carpeting is naturally softer and will provide a bit of a cushion in case you or someone in your home accidentally falls. This is usually more of a concern for those with small children or for older individuals.

Improved sound proofing

Carpet by its very nature is better at absorbing and lowering noise in homes and offices than other alternatives. This is why you will almost always find carpeting in apartment buildings and other structures where noise is a concern.

Improve room aesthetics

Over time, floors can become damaged. In some cases floors can become warped and in extreme cases concrete floors can even develop cracks in the foundation. If you have reasonable damage to your floors, carpet can usually hide it from the eye. The more you are planning on attempting to cover up, the higher the density of carpet you should choose.

Ease of care

Carpets these days are not the same as the carpets your parents used. While the carpets of even 20 years ago could succumb to certain spills and almost be ruined by spills, this isn’t nearly as much of an issue any more. Amazing advances have taken place in the area of carpet stain resistance making our carpets easier than ever to clean and maintain – even from the worst spills.

Cleaner air in your home or office

This benefit comes with a caveat, in order to benefit from improved air quality, you must keep your carpet cleaned regularly. If you do, there is plenty of research which shows a significant improvement in the air quality in your home by using carpeting. This is due to the fact that dust and other nasty allergens get trapped by the carpet fibers. Which is precisely why you need regular deep cleaning to remove the trapped dust and allergens.

Relatively lower costs

Carpet, compared to other flooring alternatives of relatively equal quality, is typically cheaper to purchase and install. Carpet is easier to install by yourself, but even if using a professional installer, you won’t pay as much as you would for other types of flooring.

A long life span and comes with a warranty

Carpets can last a very long time these days. You can now purchase carpets that are guaranteed to last up to thirty years and they all come with a manufacturer’s warranty for some period of time so you can feel confident in your flooring choice.

There you have many benefits afforded to you by choosing carpeting as your flooring choice. If these benefits sound good to you, then choose carpeting for your flooring and enjoy these benefits for years to come.