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Enjoy Entertaining At Home More

Hosting a party or barbecue can be a great way to meet the neighbors, catch up with friends, or just relax, but some people are reluctant to do so because they aren’t sure where to have people gather. Some are worried about the cleanup. No one wants red wine or barbecue stains as a permanent reminder of the gathering, no matter how great the night was.

With just a little bit of advance planning and preparation, ­ you can direct your family and friends to gather in the areas where you want them. The key is to attract the crowds to the places that are easiest to clean.

The Food

One of the primary places people will gather at a party is where the food is so don’t be surprised to find the kitchen and patio are the most popular gathering places. Both are also good options for you as the host. In the kitchen, line up the food on your granite countertops and breathe a little easier. Professionally installed granite countertops will be safe from that pan that is too hot, dripping barbecue sauce or spilled sangria. The professionals who installed your kitchen countertops will seal the granite and make it easy to wipe up any mess left behind when the party gets too entertaining.

The other best option for food is an outdoor patio. Having an outdoor kitchen installed with running water, a small refrigerator for condiments and cold drinks, and temperature safe granite counter gives you the option to keep the house primarily outside. The less people are actually in the house, the less chance you’ll be spending the entire day after the party cleaning up. A granite countertop also makes a great place for cutting up notoriously messy foods like watermelon.

The Drinks

One of the high points of summer are the drinks. From a fruity sangria to sticky ice cream drinks, the drinks of summer are sticky and sometimes they stain. Avoid the elbow grease required to scrub out a stain by having professionals install your granite countertops. They’ll repel stains better than other options while providing you with a cool flat surface. In a pinch, they double as a great place to lean back and enjoy a nice cool drink.

Showing off Your Home

One of the highlights of entertaining at home is showing off your beautiful home and one of the potential downsides is wondering if it will still be as beautiful the day after the party. Prepare for your next gathering by upgrading your home. Have professionals install granite countertops in the kitchen or the outside patio, or both. They’ll get the work done quickly and clean up when they’re done. Then all you have to worry about for the next party is whether to serve brats or burgers.