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Draw the Envy of Your Guests With a Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

A direct vent gas fireplace can add not only heat but style to your home. They provide heat similar to a traditional fireplace, without the need for cutting wood and dealing with wood chips and lugging the kindling and firewood into your home on a regular basis. They vent themselves so you do not have to worry about smoke backing up into your home.

Instead, you simply get to turn it on with the flick of a switch and enjoy the beauty of a fireplace and the confidence of knowing your home will be warm and safe and smoke-free.

People who opt for a direct vent gas fireplace know that their living room or bedroom will be warmed by the heat from the fireplace. They know they do not have to be concerned about soot building up in the chimney or issues with losing heat through that particular venting necessity (for a wood-burning fireplace, that is).

Comfort Control Systems Are a Benefit

Maintaining a constant temperature in the home can be difficult when you are attempting to use a wood-burning fireplace. On the contrary, gas fireplaces can use comfort control systems, which electronically monitor the room and adjust the temperature to keep it from getting too hot or too cold. This effective use of the damper by an electronic system is a highly desirable alternative to manually adjusting it every half hour or so.

Take the More Healthy Option

While wood is a renewable resource and gas is not, the fact is that the combustion of gas releases far fewer chemicals into the atmosphere. It is a cleaner burn than the use of wood, and this makes it a better option if you are considering the overall health of the environment and atmosphere.

It Does Not Cost More

When it comes to opting for a new wood-burning fireplace or a direct vent gas fireplace, the cost is similar when you factor in the product and installation fees. That means, you do not have to go for the wood-burning fireplace to cut cost. It is also worth mentioning that by the time you factor in transportation and cutting costs for wood for a winter, it is not the cheaper alternative for heating fuel.

In conclusion, you can opt for the more stylish alternative and do what is good for the environment, ensure your home can be kept at a more even temperature with the addition of a comfort control system, and you do not have to shell out significantly more money for either the installation of the product or the fuel that you will need to keep it running and your home warm during the winter months.

Choosing the stylish option does not have to mean adding a significant amount to the budget and breaking the bank. Also, factor in the long-term costs in addition to the initial amount you may or may not save, and the clear option becomes apparent. Enjoy your direct vent gas fireplace without any guilt after you do all the computations.

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