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Mold Experts – Why You Might Need One

If an area in your home smells musty and mildew-ey then you’ve got mold. Maybe it was caused by flooding from a burst pipe or the broken sprinkler head by the patio door that sprayed water into the house. Maybe there’s a leaky pipe under one of your sinks or in your wall. Perhaps the retaining wall against the hill has a slow leak or wasn’t sealed properly in the first place. Whatever the cause, you’re now dealing with a mold problem.

Mold really isn’t the best roommate. In fact, it can be one of the worst around. Like people, some molds are fine and some are not fine at all (ok, there’s really no “fine” mold but you get the idea). That said, even the regular-won’t-hurt-you-much molds can cause alleges and respiratory health issues. Stay exposed for long enough and you can develop a lifelong mold allergy or skin irritation The worst molds can cause severe health issues so don’t take persistent mold lightly.

While it’s possible to purchase a home mold testing kit (these are the kind you can buy at the corner hardware store and send off to the lab for the results), if your mold problem has been going on for a while, or you can see larger areas (more than a square foot) of mold growth then you may want to seriously consider bringing in a mold expert. Look, the odds are you pay someone to change your oil and do your taxes. Why? Because professionals are able to do things more quickly and better than you can! Especially when it comes to mold, which can adversely affect the health of you and your family, bringing in a professional just makes sense.

A mold expert is trained to detect where mold is growing and can professionally test a variety of areas in your home to determine the extent of your mold infestation. Is it a garden variety mold or is it Black Mold that can be deadly? A mold expert can help you discover what you’re dealing with quickly. In addition, they can make recommendations as to the best course of action you need to take.

2 Important Tips In Closing

    • Make sure that the mold expert you employ is certified by NORMI (National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors) or another accredited mold testing association. When dealing with your home, your property and your family you should be dealing with a real pro who’s certified!


  • If the expert recommends mold remediation (a fancy word for the process of mold removal and cleanup), to avoid any conflict of interest it’s best to employ a completely separate company to do the remediation.