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Choosing the Most Fashionable Colors for Your Kitchen

You’re almost done building the kitchen of your dreams and looking around, everything seems to be in place and the place looks exactly like you imagined it would be and the room has been carefully and efficiently laid out to house all your kitchen appliances provide you with freedom of movement. To finish things off, all your kitchen needs now is the right paint job.

The seemingly simple task of choosing the right paint color could easily go out of hand if you fail to utilize the most suitable hues that would complete the character of your kitchen. Most of us would as much as possible want to be unique and do away with the same traditional shades that almost everybody uses.

The trick to choosing the most fashionable colors to paint your kitchen is by creating your own color palette as a guide. Remember, there aren’t any bad choices when it comes to colors. There are only bad choices when it comes to color combinations. To help you choose the best color combinations to use, listed below are a few suggestions that I’m sure you would find really helpful.

The most popular technique in choosing a perfect blend of colors is by using the color wheel as a guide.

• Cool Color Palette – This would give your kitchen a striking character and a lively and dynamic feel. It’s also a great way to achieve a cool and calm atmosphere. The shades for this particular color palette are those that are leaning towards the cool end of the color wheel such as blue and green.

• Warm Color Palette – For people who are fond of using bright and bold colors, the warmer side of the color wheel gives you limitless creative possibilities. Try working with shades that are analogous which allows you to play with a single root color but with varying degrees of contrast in specific areas for that energetic yet melodramatic effect.

• Warm, Rich Kitchen Palette – Want a kitchen that helps stimulate one’s appetite? Paint your kitchen with varying hues of red. Have you ever wondered why most of the fancy, high-end restaurants and dining establishments are painted with red as supposed to being painted in coolers shades like blue or green? This color is considered to be a psychological stimulus that positively affects your appetite.

Using this color could be particularly tricky since it has this tendency to absorb light from any room so instead of painting your walls as well as all the other large surfaces all in red, why not try using this same color in smaller areas or better yet; choose red kitchen furniture (i.e.; kitchen cabinets, tables and chairs) to go with orange painted walls.

• Bold Traditional Palette – Using bright, exhilarating colors is not only confined to contemporary kitchens. It’s perfect for traditional kitchens as well. The colors schemes included range from red-orange to dark chocolate and other contrasting shades of brown. Intricately designed tiles set in a background of neutral colors would also look amazing.