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Styles of Kitchen Faucets

Many of the modern and well made kitchen faucets by the leading manufacturers are highly versatile and stylish while at the same time offering the right level of functionality. In the search for the faucets, you are likely to appreciate that there is a range of different designs and styles to match the needs of almost any property owner. Here are some of the major types of kitchen faucets available in the marketplace:

Single handle: A single handle faucet is able to offer easy and quick temperature adjustments and water flow using one hand, which is highly beneficial if you are using the other hand elsewhere. A faucet of this type is likely to require one or more sink holes, and this is likely to depend on the style and layout of the sink. Also, many of these faucets are likely to feature a side spray system.

Two handle: These are able to offer precise control over the water flow adjustment and temperature and splits control for the cold and hot water. Many of these faucets are likely to rely on three or more sink holes.

Pull-out: If you would like a faucet able to offer a great combination of functionality and style, a pull-out kitchen faucet is likely to be the perfect option. The actual faucet head is able to pull out for ease in directing the spray in the desired direction and the pattern of water can alternate between spray and regular flow.

Wall-mounted: One of the more unique styled kitchen faucets is those that are designed to wall-mount in an area just above the sink. They aren’t reliant on the sink deck holes. The installation process for a sink design of this type is likely to be more complicated since the water supply needs to reach above the work surface. If you are looking for a more distinct or antique styled kitchen, you will certainly appreciate the many qualities of this type of faucet system.

Pot filler: If you are an avid home chef and would like the extra convenience of being able to fill a pot with cold water, you might want to look at the many different types of pot filler facets that are now available. They are in addition to the standard sink faucet and are highly versatile in the installation process and might even be installed on the counter top or wall mounted.