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World Plumbing Day – Why It’s Important

Let’s face it, when you think of plumbers, you often think of a guy with suspenders on who might even be showing a little bit of “butt crack” while reaching under your sink to fix your garbage disposal. This modern perception of plumbers is completely skewed, though.

Do you know what is one of the main things that separates the uncivilized world from today’s modern society? The answer will probably surprise you at first; it’s plumbing. Modern-day plumbing is responsible for a majority of the precautions society now takes to keep the population healthy.

Let’s talk first about clean drinking water. Water is essential to human life. Doctors say you can go eight weeks without eating any food, and still live to tell about it, but water is a very different story. Humans can go on average three days, and at most six days without drinking water or else they will die. Modern-day plumbing is responsible for making clean, fresh drinking water available to every home in the United States, and this helps to keep the population healthy.

Secondly, plumbing is responsible for good sanitation. Imagine the chaos that would ensue if excrement was not properly shuttled away after excretion. If urine and feces were not taken care of properly, their presence would cause mass sickness among the population. Most Americans today don’t even know what happens when they flush their toilet, but they should at least know that they have a plumber to thank for it working properly.

Every year on March 11th the world celebrates World Plumbing Day. A poster-making contest for adolescent children is put on during the weeks leading up to the celebration in which the children create a poster about World Plumbing Day, and the winners can receive money for their school. There are many other activities put on to raise awareness about plumbing and its importance. Information about World Plumbing Day can easily be found by searching on any reliable Internet search engine.

In honor of World Plumbing Day, it would be good for you to take some time to really think about how plumbing affects your life. How grateful are you for clean water? How happy are you that you don’t have to worry about what happens when you “use the restroom?” How much do you take for granted the luxury of bathing and showering in nearly instant warm water? Remember, plumbers aren’t just there to fix your garbage disposal (although they do that very well), they really are responsible for providing modern amenities that keep humanity safe and comfortable.