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Why Identify Your Home With 3D House Numbers

Your front door and address numbers set the tone and style for your home. So why not make them 3D?

Address plaques, in general, offer a way of framing or adding architectural elements to simple home numbers. But the way to bring out the best in your residential home or business is to add another dimension to the plaque by making them 3 dimensional.

Three-dimensional signage catches both natural and architectural lighting making the sign easy to read in most every situation. Softly sculptured numbers add interest and provide true depth adding visual interest from every viewing angle. In addition to the numbers, consider the framing, shape, and embellishments of the sign itself. The sign’s shape, border or framing, or lack thereof, should enhance the architectural motif of your building. For example, a 3D rope border is appropriate for a coastal dwelling while a fancy frame might work best on a Victorian era home.

Maybe the best part of 3 dimensional signage is the often forgotten background. Rather than simple or plain, if you order from a truly custom shop, you can have some fun with the background and can often choose from elements as diverse as oatmeal and pinecones.

There is another important consideration for your home identification number plaque. How it will be finished can determine almost more than any other design element whether the sign will look elegant or common, and whether your door guests view it as complimentary and welcoming to your home or a garish distraction. There are some manufacturers that utilize cheap foreign labor to quickly and cheaply apply paint that just looks like cheap paint. Others form your address plaque from metal, and then apply paint that simulates metal, but is really just paint. The most common 3D signs are machine cut from wood and then varnished or painted. They initially look good, but wood just doesn’t stand up to the elements for very long.

If you search carefully, you might find a conscientious custom shop that can give you the best of everything. You can have true custom and personalization, real metal coating, and a substrate material that will likely outlast your home.

It is amazing how many homes and business show a very welcoming front door but then hang uninspiring address numbers from a big box store. What a missed opportunity to give your visitors an insight into your home’s style and your personality.