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Pest Control In The Winter?

Some people have a professional pest control company treating their home. Others do not. This is an obvious observation. However, the question many people have this time of year is much less obvious. Are there pest problems in the winter?

The unfortunate answer is that there are pest for all seasons. Some are active during the summer and some are active year round. Winter has it’s own struggles for homeowners when it comes to controlling pests.

  • Warmth – Pests spend their time looking for food and shelter. Luckily for them we have provided places for them to sleep, eat, and get warmth. This miracle place is your home. Pests like rats and spiders tend to migrate indoors during the winter. Often times these problems can get out of hand quickly, which means homeowners desperately need some type of pest control.
  • Food and Water – Along with warmth we mentioned food and water. This is really something you can control. If there are easy sources of food and water for the pests to find in your home, you may be a target. These pests need sustenance in order to survive, and homes with easy food and water access become huge targets.
  • Other pests – if your home is a habitat for pests, then naturally it will become a feeding ground for other predator pests. Spiders must have food, and if your home has other insects then it will become a good place for spiders to go. There are many other pests that live the same way, so if you have pests in your home, that will of course attract more.

What Pests Are Active In The Winter

Some pests are dormant during the winter. For instance, ants are hibernating which makes them less of a problem during the winter months. However, mice, spiders, bed bugs, and flies are extremely common in the winter months. Some of these problems are easier to deal with than others, some require professional attention.

It is not unlikely to have pest problems during the winter months. However, usually these problems are much less significant.

The reason is that there are fewer pests that are active in the winter than in the summer. However, a problem is a problem and if you are seeing problems in your home than you may have to call a professional to do something about it.

What Can You Do To Reduce Your Risk

There are some simple things you can do to reduce your risk of having pest problems during the winter. Here are a few things that are extremely important to managing and reducing these problems.

  • Keeping a clean home – By keeping your home clean, floors vacuumed, and kitchen floors swept, you can reduce the chance of pests using your home for the winter. Without food and water they will have to find somewhere else to go. The most common reason for pest problems in the winter is uncleanliness. If your home is unclean then it becomes much easier for pests to find what they need to survive.

    Your home can quickly become a breeding ground if the problems are not stopped quickly. Remember, you will only see about 10 percent of the problem, so if you are seeing pests take it very seriously.

  • Eliminating Structure Damage – If you have places where there are cracks or holes in the wall or foundation of the home, this can be an easy entry for pests. Taking the time to fill in these entry ways can do wonders to keeping problems out. This is a very simple yet very effective step to reducing pest problems in your home.
  • Treat Specific Problems – If you do see a problem then diagnose the problem and find out how to stop it. Not every pest is treated the same way, there is no blanket fix for all pest problems. If you are seeing a problem you need to figure out exactly what pest and species is making it’s home your home, then take the necessary steps to eliminate it.

In all cases if you are having a problem don’t hesitate to contact a professional.

The winter time can bring it’s own pest problems. Not everyone has these problems, however they are present and prevalent. Take the necessary steps to reduce your chances of having a pest problem and you will be much happier and cozier in your home.