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Cellphone Stun Gun: Your Bodyguard in Disguise

Affluent and famous people hire bodyguards to keep them safe. They give them huge salaries complete with bonuses and other incentives to ensure that these defenders will guard their lives and properties. But what if you don’t have enough cash to hire one? Would that mean that you can’t protect yourself? Of course you can, with something as cheap as a cellphone stun gun.

How Can a Cellphone Stun Gun Be Your Bodyguard?

Just like a bodyguard, a cellphone stun gun will always be there to protect you and make you feel safe. But how can something as small keep you out of harm’s way? Well, it’s not the size that can save you but the wise use of the elements of stealth and deception. Who would even think that an ordinary cellphone can release enough power to disable an attacker? You’re assailant might even come laughing at you, thinking that you’re losing your sanity by holding up your cellphone in the air. It won’t take him long to realize that he’s been duped – as soon as he feels numb, helpless and unable to move, brought about by the millions of electric volts applied to his body.

And there’s always the possibility of him knowing of the existence of stun guns, but still proceeds to attack you, simply because he’s taking chances – your device looks exactly like a regular cellphone, he wouldn’t exactly know if it’s real or fake, right?

Either way, you have the advantage of having a bodyguard right when you need one most. Not to mention that this lifesaver doesn’t need a salary, bonuses and other incentives.

How Your Bodyguard Works

All human bodies use electrical signals in order to move. In using your stun gun, for example, your brain will send an electric signal to the appropriate muscles (in this case, the eyes, hand and arm muscles) to aim at the skin of your assailant. Once your bodyguard, the cellphone stun gun, connects to his skin, it immediately releases thousands of volts which will interfere with the electrical signals in his body. When this happens, his brain will be confused. Either it will stop sending messages to his body or it may send wrong messages to the wrong body parts. These conditions will incapacitate him and render him helpless.

Make Your Bodyguard Work for You

As with a real-life bodyguard, a cellphone stun gun can only save you if you have it at all times. Keep it ready when you have to walk alone at night; hide it under your pillow when you’re about to sleep; have it near you even as you take a bath to ensure that you stay protected at any and all times.

And just in case an assailant attacks you, summon all your courage, aim and trigger. He’ll be down for at least 30 minutes, giving you more than enough time to run and call for help.

Now, are you convinced that you can have a bodyguard too, even with a meager budget?