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Is Climate Controlled Storage Worth It?

If you care about the safety and preservation of your items, a climate controlled storage unit is the most effective way. Why choose climate controlled storage?

One of reasons people hesitate using self storage is the fear that their items may deteriorate if left in a garage-like setting for an extended period of time. Stop worrying about the preservation of your possessions when you register for a climate controlled storage unit.

Climate controlled storage has become an increasingly integral part of a self storage facility’s offering. Equipping storage units with thermostats and thermometers allows the property owners to constantly gauge the temperature and climate of the facility and adjust accordingly. This includes dropping the temperature during the summer when heat and humidity enter the facility and inadvertently affect possessions. Heat has also been known to accelerate the gathering of dust, which is something tenants and property owners want to avoid. Generally speaking, the cooler the facility, the better preserved stored items will be, but in the winter temperatures may be raised slightly to prevent frost.

Having storage that can adapt to weather changes is important for other reasons: it prevents the growth of mold and bacteria. Due to the variety of objects that are stored in self storage units, there is always the risk of unwanted elements entering the facility. This is not to say self storage facilities are unsanitary, as any public facility is prone to such risks; rather, it emphasizes even more the need for climate controlled storage units.

Previously, these kind of storage units were a luxury offering in self storage facilities. Today, they have become commonplace as more customers seek sanitary and stable environments to store their belongings.. In some ways, climate controlled storage has contributed to the security of self storage, as more people feel reassured in leaving objects stored for longer periods of time without feeling compelled to constantly open and verify the state of their possessions.

Storage with climate options is a viable option for anyone looking for a space to store their belongings in a safe and stable environment. By altering the temperature of the storage unit, you can better preserve your belongings and stay confident knowing that your possessions will look and feel the same when you remove them. Whether it’s just a locker size unit or a luxury car in a garage sized unit, look for climate controlled storage at a self storage facility near you!