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London Security Glass Can Help Protect Your Investment From Nature And Man

Why Bother?

Overall burglaries in London have gone down since 2001, with crime rates in Westminster still being the highest at 256 crimes per 1000 people, and lowest in Richmond Upon Thames, at a mere 61.6 per 1000 people. But, despite these promising statistics, it’s still a nightmarish reality for many homeowners when they come back from Summer holiday to discover that their home’s been ransacked. (Burglaries tend to spike during the warmer months; burglars love it when homeowners go on vacation for obvious reasons.)

While all property is a major investment, in London, a notoriously expensive city to call home, that is especially true. The average cost of a home in this city is a whopping £969,093 (and that’s not including the value of the home’s contents, like jewellery and computers, which are small and valuable, traits which make these items highly attractive to burglars.)

With this much riding both on and inside of your home, it only makes sense to protect your property with the help of one of the numerous glazing companies that service London’s numerous boroughs. They can help you prevent a break in from happening in the first place by putting appropriate glass security measures in place. The right door, window and glass options, combined with back up measures like alarm systems, can turn your home into a blissfully unattractive target for would-be burglars.

Be Proactive.

To protect your home, look to your doors and windows, as these are the primary method of entry and exit for burglars everywhere. Be sure the frames and sills of your doors and windows are secure.

1.) Replace The Window Frame and Glass If Necessary

If the property is old or damaged, and especially if there are signs of rot, that is an excellent excuse to replace the window itself.

Also note that the City of London Police has recommendations for homeowners shopping for doors and windows: Install doors that meet security standard PAS 24-1, and windows that meet standard BS7950. Those who work in London glass and window sales can help ensure you’re buying products that meet this criteria.

2.) Laminate Windows With Security Glazing

By far the easiest and least expensive option with which to protect your home is security glazing, which coats both sides of the window with a sheet of laminate material that increases the strength of the glass. It makes it uniquely difficult to break with normal smash-and-grab methods like bricks.

In the event that the window is damaged, the sheeting holds the glass in place, preventing entry from burglars and other unwelcome forces outside, and keeping shattered glass from posing a safety hazard. This option does not require professional London glaziers, as it can often be completed in one day as a DIY project.

It’s a solid deterrent for burglars, who may be able to get in, eventually, but it would take time, which is not something burglars usually have. Most burglars aim to be in and out of the targeted home in under 10 minutes. If it takes anything over that, it’s not worth it, and they’ll move on.

3.) Install Tempered Glass.

This type of glass is treated to contain fibres that make it extremely strong and break resistant. (Some forms are even bullet proof!) Tempered glass may seem like the sort of precaution that is only necessary in high-security areas like museums, parliamentary buildings, embassies, consulates, banks, etc. But more and more homeowners are starting to see the benefits of installing it in their own homes and businesses because, apart from the obvious deterrent nature, this can make locations borderline impenetrable to the average thief.

Note that unlike simple sheet glazing jobs, it does require the assistance of a qualified London glazier, and due to the professional installation, can be rather expensive.

Finally, once you’ve installed these secure doors and windows with break-resistant glass and laminate, always be sure to keep them locked. Remember that 2 out of 8 burglaries occur in homes or offices where thieves don’t actually have to violently break in because access is readily available in the form of an unlocked door or window. By putting these simple, common sense security measures in place, property owners can significantly reduce their risk of burglaries.