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What To Know Before Calling Security Fencing Suppliers For Prices

Before you start to call security fencing suppliers for prices on a fence for your property there are some things you need to know. You need to know what information the security fencing suppliers will need in order to determine the cost of the supplies and labor you will need.

Security fencing suppliers sell the components to build fences of several different heights. Before you call security fencing suppliers to ask for the price of the fence you want you must decide how tall you want the fencing wire to be.

Four to six feet is standard heights for fences around private yards. Six to eight feet is standard around most businesses, and ten to twelve feet is usually considered special orders. You can also get fences that are constructed from privacy boards, welded iron bars, and even some with barbed wire above them to discourage anyone from climbing over the fences. Figure out the style and height of fence you desire before you call for a price quote.

You need to decide if the fence you are going to have built will be an electric one or not. Electric fences help to keep things safe because if someone touches the wires of these fences they will be shocked. Most of the time this type of fencing is used to safeguard places where a person could be injured if they were to enter, or they are used to keep something in, like around prison property.

You have to decide if you will be installing your own components or if you want the supplier to figure the installation into your quote. You may want to have it quoted both ways so that you can make the decision on this point. Many times the installation is very reasonable.

You have to know the exact dimensions of the area you are going to fence off. You must know how many feet of fencing you will need for the quote to be accurate. You also have to know the number of gates you will need. Gates come small enough for people to walk through, large enough for cars to drive through, on hinges, and they can be on rollers. You have to know the size of gates you need, the number of each size and style, and where they will be positioned in order to get an accurate quote.

The number of gates you have will help to determine the number of posts that the fence will need. You also need to let the suppliers know if there will be a structure that the fence joins in with. You may have the fence meeting up with a shed or the side of a house. You will need to tell the supplier so the quote can be figured with the right components to allow the fence to join with a structure.

When you talk to the supplier you may want to tell the reason you want the fence and let them help you make some of the choices.