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Self Storage Tips For Saving Your Possessions

Years ago I went through some tough times, and as a result I had to move out of my house on pretty short notice. Finding a place to rent with two kids, three dogs and a cat was a challenge, but I didn’t realize the biggest challenge was yet to come, I wish I had these self storage tips to follow.

Since the move was so abrupt, we had to do much of it ourselves. Since we were limited on time and space we developed the motto “we’ll make it fit”. Unfortunately that meant that many of our possessions didn’t make the move in one piece.

You can avoid a similar fate, just take some time to look over these self storage tips so your move can be far less stressful and eventful than mine was.

For one thing, make sure you rent the proper storage unit for your needs. When renting a unit there are many considerations not the least of which is size. How much do you have to store?

If you are moving into a smaller place and you need somewhere to store several rooms full of furniture, you will need a large storage unit. Most facilities have multiple options when it comes to the sizes they offer.

Don’t forget to include outdoor items as well such as lawn equipment, patio furniture and maybe even a swing-set. Most storage facilities will have someone you can talk to who can help you estimate the best size unit for your needs.

Always err on the side of caution in regards to size. It’s much better to have a unit that is a little too big than one that is too small.

If possible, try to pre-pay your rent on the storage unit. This is one of the best storage tips to follow since it can protect you and save you money at the same time.

Many places will offer you a discount if you pre-pay, but even if that’s not the case, you can still get the peace of mind knowing that your possessions are safe if you have some unexpected financial difficulties.

Give some thought to the actual layout of the storage unit, where will you place all your possessions? This is even more important if you will need to access some of the items in the unit.

It’s really easy to forget about that and store some items on the top shelf for convenience, only to find that it isn’t so convenient when you need to actually access those items!

One other thing I want you to think about: pests. Whether it be bugs, mice or rats, these pests can ruin your belongings. Even the cleanest storage facility can not guarantee that you won’t have a problem so your best bet, to protect your belongings, is to place everything in plastic storage crates with lids.

I hope your move goes better than mine did! Hopefully these self storage tips will help you out. A little planning can really go a long way to making things go smoother before, during and after your move. Good luck.