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Do-It-Yourself Flea Control Advice From A Pest Control Technician

As a pest control technician, I can tell you that fleas are not the easiest pest in the world to treat. If you are reading this article, then you might already realize this fact. Many people try and treat for fleas and make mistakes that can be counterproductive to getting your problem under control.

Probably the most common mistake that people make when doing it themselves is setting off flea foggers around the house. These nasty chemical products fumigate your home, leaving a sticky, smelly residue around your home that does little to kill the flea population. What it does do is work as a repellent that pushes the fleas deeper into your walls, furniture, and other tight places. You will feel like you did a good job and got rid of your problem, but in a few weeks they will be even worse! So, if you are thinking about using the bug bombs, STOP! There is a better way.

1) Treat The Pets First

Look, I can’t help you if you don’t treat the pets first. This is actually the easy part. There are some really great products out there that make this a breeze. There is a product made by Frontline that I think works the best. Do not go cheap on this step because it is the most important.

2) Start Vacuuming… Often!

Before you start vacuuming, cut up one of those cheap flea collars (you can get one at just about any pet store) and put it in the vacuum bag. You want to vacuum as much as you are willing to do for two reasons. First, you will pick up a lot of the eggs that fleas leave around your house. Second, the ones that you don’t pick up will hatch quicker because of the mechanical vibrations that the vacuum will cause. Although, this may not sound appealing, the quicker you can get the eggs hatched, the better, since no spray that you can apply will kill cocoon wrapped eggs. Be sure to vacuum the carpet and the furniture.

3) Spray Your Feet With DEET

If you have been dealing with these things for any length of time, you are probably getting tired of getting bit. Grab an insect repellent from the camping aisle of your big box store and spray it liberally on your legs and feet. This will not kill the fleas, but it will stop them from biting you as much.

4) Put Your Linens In The Dryer

Fleas and their eggs will not survive your dryer. Throw as much of your clothes, blankets, etc. into the dryer and put it on high heat for about 30 minutes.

5) Treat The Carpet

I wish that I could give you a specific product that will magically get rid of these things, but there are too many out there and most of them work about the same. The exact product that you use here will be less important if you have followed the steps above. I would recommend using some of the carpet powder types over the sprays.

Lastly, if you are not getting the results that you are hoping for, be sure to call a pest control company for more help. These things can reproduce quickly, so be sure you do not let it get out of hand.